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Payment is required in advance of project commencement.  This can be done with cash, money order or certified bank check (no personal checks will be accepted).  This policy is for everyone's protection.  In return, you benefit from a worry-free working relationship, and our guarantee of your satisfaction with the work performed; if you aren't happy with the job, your money will be promptly refunded.  No recorded media from a session will be turned over to the client until outstanding charges for all completed studio work have been paid in full.

A DVD-R copy of your project's multitrack data archive (Cubase SX format) will be kept on file at the studio for one year from date of completion; please make arrangements with us to transfer the data files to another studio if production and pre-mastering work is to be completed elsewhere.  You may also purchase a backup copy on DVD-R media for your own archiving beyond the one-year studio archival policy upon completion of the project, for $30.00; just make sure to ask for a copy before the full year is up to insure it hasn't already been disposed of.


To reserve a time slot, you'll want to put down a $75.00 deposit at least one (1) week in advance of the session start date.  The entire amount will be applied toward your session cost.

Cancellation of a session needs to be officially done no later than 48 hours before scheduled start time of the session.  Doing so any closer to the session time will result in forfeiture of your $75.00 deposit fee, and a doubling of the downpayment upon rescheduling to $150.00.  This is to insure that the studio can stay fully booked every day.  Please only book when you are certain you can fill the alloted time, to avoid paying cancellation fees.

Session times are by appointment only.  Flying Tractor Recording reserves the right to alter session schedules due to unavoidable circumstances.  A full-day schedule will include a free hour for lunch.  We will do our best to accomodate your busy schedule and insure a relaxing time that you'll enjoy!

Daily Session Times

When we schedule your session, a start time will be agreed upon.  You may call before the start time to negotiate an earlier time; however, if you arrive late to a session, you will be charged from the originally agreed-to start time.  Unforeseen problems can happen; in the event of a recording system failure, you will receive a block of session time equal to your lost time, at an agreed-to date convenient for you and the studio.

Studio Rules

  • No smoking on studio premises.  A smoking area will be provided outside the building, but we recommend a no-smoking approach to your session so as to a) waste as little studio time as possible, and b) keep your vocal chords healthy if you're doing vocal tracks.
  • No food or beverages will be allowed in the control room or near any equipment whatsoever.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and lewd or lascivious behavior will not be tolerated in the studio or anywhere on the grounds.  If it's subject to scrutiny by the law, it's not allowed at the Flying Tractor.

Personal Gear

Any instruments or equipment that you would like to use for your recording project can readily be stored in a safe place at the studio without fear of its being used or mishandled in your absence; however, you agree to release Flying Tractor Recording and any person in its employ from any liability to repair or replace personal gear that is damaged or lost due to theft, flooding, accident or mishap, etc.   It is strongly suggested that unless your personal property is going to only be in residence overnight, you should take it home with you and bring it back with you to the next session.  Upon receipt of your signature, this becomes an official hold-harmless agreement between you, the client, and Flying Tractor Recording, that personal equipment is the sole responsibility of the client who brings it onto the premises.

Studio Gear

In the event a piece of studio gear owned by Flying Tractor Recording or any of its employees becomes damaged by you due to negligence, accident, or willful act, you agree to provide monetary compensation in the amount of full replacement value of the piece or pieces of gear.  In the event the gear in question is a vintage item and as such cannot be replaced with like kind due to its antiquity or provenance, a reasonable appraisal estimate will be provided to you for same monetary compensation.  'Gear' refers to all musical instruments, amplifiers, microphones, cables, digital and analog recording equipment, stands, fixtures, acoustic treatments, etc.  Upon receipt of your signature, this becomes an official binding agreement between you, the client, and Flying Tractor Recording, to replace studio equipment damaged by the client.

Client Responsibility

The duly-appointed party responsible for session payment will sign the contract consisting of the above policy items, and will be held responsible for the actions of all artists and guests he or she brings to any session at Flying Tractor Recording or any remote location in which Flying Tractor Recording conducts a session.  Any client under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian read and sign this agreement and provide proof of guardianship if last names are different; parent or legal guardian will be held responsible for all actions and debts of the client.

Studio Disclaimer

Flying Tractor Recording provides no warranties, either express or implied, other than those contained herein.  Rates, policies, and equipment used may be subject to change without prior written or verbal notice.  The staff at Flying Tractor Recording reserves the right to refuse to work with anyone for any reason.  Prior to any session work beginning, the client agrees to furnish a written signed copy of the above Studio Policies as a formal agreement and obligation to make payments and adhere to all other policy requirements as stated herein.

(Download a printable PDF version of this agreement HERE, sign and return to Flying Tractor Recording staff prior to booking studio time.)

"Okay, music-makers, here's the important stuff to do prior to booking your studio time: click on the document above to download your printable copy of the Terms of Agreement, print, read, fill out and sign the bottom, and return it prior to the start of your first session."

Thanks and Happy Tracking!

~ Zeke

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