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Recording / Overdub Session:  $30.00/hr (new reduced price)

Mixdown /Editing / Pre-Mastering Session:  $30.00/hr (new reduced price)

Payment is required in advance of project commencement.  This can be done with cash, money order or certified bank check.  (Please see the 'Policy' page for complete details regarding payment.)

Your payment covers one (1) CD-R copy of your finished project mix(es); additional CD-R copies can be purchased for $5.00 each.

If Flying Tractor Recording handles placement of your project for mastering after it's been produced, we will arrange the mastering and forward an invoice on to you; payment in full is expected from you before a Red Book Master disc is turned over to either you or a replication house for manufacture.  This charge will include a second copy of the Red Book Master disc for our archives.


To reserve a time slot, you'll want to put down a $75.00 deposit at least one (1) week in advance of the session start date.  The entire amount will be applied toward your session cost.

Cancellation of a session needs to be officially done no later than 48 hours before scheduled start time of the session.  Doing so any closer to the session time will result in forfeiture of your $75.00 deposit fee, and a doubling of the downpayment upon rescheduling to $150.00.

The Flying Tractor Satisfaction Guarantee

Since you need to be happy with the results of the work done at Flying Tractor, an end-of-project sampling audition will be arranged, where you can come back to the Flying Tractor mixdown environment and listen to partial samples of the completed work.  If the results do not meet with your approval, you have the option to cancel the project, with a complete refund of your project investment up to that point, minus any previously-accrued late fees. At that time, all project files and final recordings become the sole property of Flying Tractor Recording, and no copies shall be released to anyone for any reason.  Once you agree to accept a copy of any recorded or digitally archived work done for your project, you forfeit any right to the money-back clause stated herein.

Click on the image above to download a PDF copy of the Flying Tractor Tracking Sheet that you should print off, fill out and turn in to the engineer prior to your tracking session (one sheet per song).  NOT to be confused with the 1960s pop-culture chant, "Print Off, Fill Out, Turn In..."

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