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"Whether it's your first visit to a recording studio or you're a seasoned veteran behind a microphone, we aim to make your time here a pleasant and memorable experience.  Your satisfaction is our primary concern at the Flying Tractor.  We won't release a project until you're completely happy with the results."

~ Pete Raine- owner, Flying Tractor Recording


Live Room

Control Room

Isolation Booth                                         doors from Control Room to Live Room

rear of Control Room...great for tracking vocals!

Live Room from the drummer's perspective

Stop in today for a tour of the facility.  (photos courtesy Callie Raine)

  • Apple Mac G5 1.87GHz dual processor
  • Cubase SX 3 multitrack software
  • dozens of useful VST plugin modules
  • Presonus Firepod A/D interface
  • external Firewire HDD project storage
  • Alesis M1 MKII powered monitor system
  • Yamaha dual-channel 31-band EQ unit (used to equalize low-frequency room anomalies)
  • ALTO 6-channel headphone amplifier
  • Alesis DM-4 drum module
  • assorted large-diaphragm and small condenser microphones (Audio Technica, Rode, MXL, Audix, Shure)

  • 16 channels of balanced cable run from live room to control room
  • separate live room, control room, and isolation booth
  • control room built with double-5/8 drywall construction, to Golden Section proportions to minimize low-frequency peaks and nulls
  • control room 'floats' from remaining studio structure ("room-within-a-room" construction)
  • double-door isolation between control room and live room

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